Carolina Custom Pool Cue 

Carolina Custom Pool Cue - Merry Widow Cue - 090111

The forearm and butt is made from exotic Cocobolo.   The wrap is highly pressed black Irish Linen.  The joint is white phenolic with a 3/8 x 10 pin and two sets of silver rings set in black phenolic. There are three sets of Silver Dot Rings surrounded by silver set in black phenolic. The shaft is hard rock maple with a 13mm pro taper and an Tiger Emerald Layered Tip.  This is a very high end custom cue for far less than you would expect for this level of craftsmanship!  Don't Miss Out On This One!!!

Predator 314-2, Predator Z-2 and OB-1 shafts are now available for all Carolina Custom Cues

Specifications as pictured:

Forearm: Cocobolo
Butt: Cocobolo
Handle: Highly Pressed Black Irish Linen
Rings: 3 Silver Dot Rings surrounded by silver -  2
Sets of Silver Rings
Joint: 3/8 x 10 Flat Faced
Joint Collar: Black Phenolic
Butt Cap: White Phenolic
Shaft Diameter:
13 MM
Tip: Tiger Emerald

All Shaft are AAA hard rock maple with a Pro Taper.

List Price - $620.00



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